Saving Money On Hosting and SEO Tools

Hosting a website is not cheap if you want to do it properly. You could try and cut corners and go for some budget shared hosting packages that may suffice to begin with, but if you start to get any serious amount of traffic to your site, your servers will very quickly struggle to keep with the demands that you are placing on them. Having a long term plan for your digital marketing goals is very important, so it it worthwhile starting out with a dedicated server, then you will not need to make any changes at a later date.

Even though dedicated hosting is more expensive, there are ways that you can get discounts, and here a a few of them.

  • Check Webmaster Forums For The Latest Deals

Webmaster World and other such forums have areas dedicated to the latest hosting deals. The listings are updated on a daily basis, and there are plenty of offers that provide discounts on a levels of hosting. Another good thing about it is that the forum users can leave feedback on the service that they have received from companies, so you can tell whether they will be good or not. Often new hosting firms launch with lower prices that you can find anywhere else, so it is a good idea to keep a look out for them.


  • Negotiate With Your Current Host

If you have been with a hosting company for a long time, they should be rewarding you for your customer loyalty. Get in touch with them by email and tell them that you are very happy with their service, although you feel as a long term customer that you will appreciate a lower price. Even if they fail to lower the price for you, it is highly likely that they will offer to increase your hard drive space, server speed or other features. The last thing that they want is to lose you as a customer and often firms will bend over backwards to keep you signed up.

  • Coupons, Voucher Codes or Whatever Else You Call Them

Almost every single hosting company that I have ever used issues discount codes at some point and for some reason it seems to be the way that they prefer to entice new customers to sign up. When you see the coupon box, make sure that you do not ignore it, and get digging until you find one that works. After all, why would they put that box there if they didn’t have any active codes. My favourite voucher sites are:

  • Watch Out For Price Increases

Whether you pay monthly or annually, companies can sometimes increase prices without you realising it, and if this happens to you, you might want to consider switching firms. Of course, everybody understand that companies have to deal with increased costs and occasionally a little price increase is acceptable, but if you are tricked into paying a lower price initially, only to have it sky rocket shortly after, another hosting company would be better for you. Check out this handy host comparrison site.